Ellen Persson - Sweden Pre-season Training Camp

Posted on August 21, 2020 BY Simon Boddison


 Ellen Persson - Girls Academy '04 
Persson Head Shot

Kvarnsvedens IK


The club reached out to Ellen to ask some questions regarding her exciting trip to Sweden after having recently returned from training with Kvarnsveden which is a professional team located in Borlänge / Dalarna County.

Q.  Which club did you train at and for how long during the summer?
A. I trained with the club Kvarnsveden’s u19 team in Borlänge, Sweden. Their first week of training back was my last week in Sweden, so I was able to go to 3 practices. My plan is to practice with them again next summer.

Persson Action 1
Q. What did you find different training in Sweden with a professional team than training with the Houston Dash?
A. I noticed there was a technical emphasis in their practices and all the players were very skilled. They also worked tactically and let the players find their own solutions to different situations that might happen in a game.

Ellen Florida Showcase Dec2018
Q.  What were the most challenging things that you incurred while training overseas?
A. I found the language was challenging at first because I didn’t know some soccer terms in Swedish like “man on”, but they helped me and I learned quickly.

Persson Action
Q. What did you enjoy about the experience of training with the club?
A. I liked meeting the players and coaches, they were really friendly. I thought it was super fun to be able to play with players my age from another country and to see what the quality was like, which ended up being really good. I also liked the chilly temperature😊.

Q. What are your expectations for the new fall season with the Dash?
A. Train hard and have good competition.

Q. If there’s any advice for the younger female players in the club, what would this be?
A. Always work hard and have fun. 

“Ellen has been an integral part of our program and the 04 GA team.  We are happy and excited that she got an opportunity to train with Kvarnsveden. We know that this will continue to push her development on and off the field.” Omar Morales, Girls Academy Head Coach.


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