Dynamo South 02 PA & 00/99 PA - State Cup Success 2018

Posted on May 31, 2018 BY Simon Boddison
hdy south 02 pa
Pictured above - Dynamo South 02 PA 
Coach: Benito Kemble
Event: National State Cup (1st place)
Overall Record: 3-0-0
Team:  Oscar Arriola Sosa, Christopher Barta, Caleb Belk, Brady Box, Alex Choate, Mitchell Hermes, Kenneth Hernandez-Gomez, Jonathan Hinojosa, Bryant Huerta, Anthony Kamenica, Eduardo Morales Cortazar, Camden Pomeroy, Reagan Pyle, Raphael Rieth, William Schmidt, Parker Westover & Benjamin Zapalac.
"I am very proud of the team’s overall performance throughout the tournament.  The boys had the right attitude and determination to do well."  Benito Kemble, Director of Coaching - Senior Boys (South).
The team will now compete at the National Cup Finals in Aurora, Colorado.

00-99 South PA

Pictured above - Dynamo South 00/99 PA
Coach: Benito Kemble
Event: Regional State Cup 2018 (1st Place)
Overall Record: 3-0-0
Team:  Evan Birsinger, Andre Caro, Amaha Ghide, Jordan Greenshield, Kyle Harner, Dylan Hinds, Riley Martinez, Maxwell Mouer, William Norsworthy, Alex Peralta Zavale, Carlos Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez, Alvaro Sardi Mellado, Tyler Scott, Zane Seigel, Stephen Serghiou & Elias Thomas.
The team will now compete in the regional finals in Tulsa, OK.  
"The team rose to the occasion in a very tough bracket.  I am very proud of their achievements in this tournament and looking forward to them continuing this mindset in Tulsa."  Benito Kemble, Director of Coaching - Senior Boys (South)


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