College Commitments 2020

Posted on November 12, 2019 BY Simon Boddison
Dynamo | Dash Youth is excited to congratulate the following players that are signees or have committed to their schools of choice.  November 13, 2019 is the initial National Letter of Intent signing day for the 2020 graduating class. The club has placed one hundred (100) players in the previous two graduating classes into college soccer.
Katie Marker - Houston Baptist University
Alexis Fowlkes - Texas Tech University
Amelia Hammerle - Colorado State University
Angie Diep - Southern Methodist University
Molly Reynosa - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Camryn Cordova - Sam Houston State University
Kate Colvin - Texas A&M University
Danika Etter - Houston Baptist University
Sarah Grimmett - American University
Haley McWhirter - East Carolina University
Krista Peterson - North Carolina State
Sydney Thibodaux - Auburn University
Jenna Trauffler - Georgetown University Isabella Hollenbach - University of Missouri
Mia Jacqueline Wehby - University of Arkansas Haven Terry - Baylor University
Abigail Nowak - University of Louisiana Jordan Porter - Louisiana Tech University
Sydney Babineaux - Troy University  
Melinda Hovnatanian - Concordia University Texas  
Reese McDermott - Colorado School of Mines
Aerly Alaniz - Lamar University
Hannah Dockens - Lamar University
Benjamin Zapalac - Trinity University  

Graduation 2020 Profiles:

Katie Marker 2020 Grad
Katie Marker
Development Player League 01/02
Houston Baptist University, NCAA Div. I
Southland Conference
HBU Logo 2019
Katie Marker Action 2020
"I am beyond blessed and excited to announce that I will be furthering my academic and athletic career at Houston Baptist University in 2020! I’d like to thank my coaches for their guidance and for helping me to develop the skills and mindset necessary for college soccer, and for teammates who have pushed me to be the player and person I am today. I am especially grateful for my parents for challenging me to continue working, and always supporting me in school and on the field, playing the sport I love. I cannot wait to be a part of the HBU Family! DAWGS UP!!"  Katie Marker, Development Player League 01/02.

amelia GK Jersey Head shot
Amelia Hammerle
U18/19 Girls Development Academy
Colorado State University, NCAA Div. I
Mountain West Conference
Amelia Hammerle 2020 Action Shot
"I am very excited to join the soccer program at Colorado State University and pursue a degree in engineering. Thank you to my family and friends for always supporting me in my ambitions. Also, a huge thanks to my Dash DA family for helping me become a better player and person. Go Rams!" Amelia Hammerle, U18/19 Girls Development Academy.

Molly Reynosa 2020-1

Molly Reynosa
U18/19 Girls Development Academy
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, NCAA Div. I
Western Athletic Conference

rio valley logo 2019
Molly with Natalia 2020
"I’m excited to announce that I have committed to The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley to play D1 soccer and further my education! I want to first give thanks to the Lord for all he has done for me and second to all my family and friends and last but certainly not least to all of my coaches at High Plains Drifters and the Houston Dash DA program for giving me this opportunity! I’m excited for the future... GO VAQUEROS!"  Molly Reynosa, U18/19 Girls Development Academy.

Kate Colvin 2020 Head Shot
Kate Colvin
U18/19 Girls Development Academy
Texas A&M University, NCAA Div. I
Southeastern Conference
Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 11.16.39 AM
Kate Colvin 2020(a)
“Growing up in College Station, since I was a young girl, I knew I wanted to play for Texas A&M.  I never knew that years later, my dream would come true. I believe this was all God’s work and I want to give him the glory for blessing me with this opportunity. I am also very thankful for all of my coaches over the years from Rush and Dash for guiding me along the way, inspiring me to work hard and making me want to improve my game.  I have loved playing for the club over the years, and I’m lucky to have played with such great teammates on and off the field. At the Dash, I have made some of my best friends and have had some of the best memories. I will treasure my experiences here forever, but I’m excited for the next chapter of my life as an Aggie. Gig’em! " Kate Colvin, U18/19 Girls Development Academy.

Sarah Grimmett 2020 Head Shot
Sarah Grimmett
U18/19 Girls Development Academy
American University, NCAA Div. I
Patriot League
American University
Sarah Grimmett 2020 Action Shot
“Firstly, I would like to thank the Dash program for molding me into the soccer player and person I am today. Secondly, I would like to thank my parents and friends who have always pushed me to achieve my goals, and have helped me through the ups and downs of my soccer career thus far. Thirdly, I would like to thank TTI for the exceptional training throughout the years. All of these individuals and organizations have helped me get where I am today. Now I can say I am very excited to play for such a prestigious University in the Fall. Go Eagles!”  Sarah Grimmett, U18/19 Girls Development Academy.

Molly Reynosa 2020
Krista Peterson
U18/19 Girls Development Academy
North Carolina State, NCAA Div. I
Atlantic Coast Conference
NC State
Krista Peterson 2020 Action
"I am so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to continue my soccer journey at the collegiate level. Words cannot express how grateful I am. Big shoutout to all of my coaches and teammates at Houston Dash who constantly push me to better myself everyday and my wonderful parents who have supported me nonstop throughout this entire process. This would not be possible without them. I’d like to thank the man upstairs for blessing me with this amazing opportunity. It’s surreal to say that in a few short months, I’ll be playing at my absolute dream school. God Bless and GO PACK!"  Krista Peterson, U18/19 Girls Development Academy.

Jenna Trauffler 2020 Orange

Jenna Trauffler
U18/19 Girls Development Academy
Georgetown University, NCAA Div. I
Big East Conference

georgetown Hoyas logo 2019

Jenna Trauffler 2020 family

"I am so excited for the opportunity to play soccer at the collegiate level at Georgetown University. I’ve loved my time at Houston Dash/Texas Rush, where I’ve played since I was seven years old. I have made lasting friendships, and it’s been fun to see my teammates go on to play at the next level as well. I’m so grateful to have been coached by all of my amazing coaches and to be surrounded today by some of the same coaches I’ve had since I was little. Hoya Saxa!"  Jenna Trauffler, U18/19 Girls Development Academy.

Jacquie Wehby 2020 Head Shot
Mia Jacqueline Wehby
U18/19 Girls Development Academy
University of Arkansas, NCAA Div. I
Southeastern Conference
University of Arkansas 2019
Jacquie Wehby 2020 Action Shot
"I am so beyond blessed to be apart of an amazing program such as DASH DA. They have played the biggest part in bringing me to the next level. I am so thankful for God, my parents and all the amazing DASH coaches that have supported me and helped me every step of the way. I am so excited to a part of the Arkansas Family. Go Razorbacks!" Mia Jacqueline Wehby, U18/19 Girls Development Academy.

Abby Nowak 2020 Head Shot
Abigail Nowak
U18/19 Girls Development Academy
University of Louisiana, NCAA Div. I
Sunbelt Conference
Abby Nowak 2020 Action
"I am excited for my future to play for the University of Louisiana. I am so grateful for all that I have learned at DASH and for the relationships that I have developed there." Abigail Nowak, U18/19 Girls Development Academy.

Millie Hovnatanian 2020 Head Shot
Melinda Hovnatanian
Development Player League '02
Concordia University Texas, NCAA Div. III
American Southwest Conference
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 1.34.07 PM
Millie Hovnatanian 2020 Action Shot
"I'm super excited to play for a university that seems so perfect for me. I'm happy to finish my club career at DDY and I know I'll be ready for the next level."  Melinda Hovnatanian, Development Player League '02

Sydney Babineaux Head Shot 2020
Sydney Babineaux
U18/19 Girls Development Academy
Troy University, NCAA Div. I
Sun Belt Conference
Troy University 2019a
Sydney Babineaux 2020 Action Shot
"I appreciate the constant support my family and coaches have provided to help me reach my goal. I am extremely grateful to play for the Dash DA program that has opened doors throughout the recruiting process. The DA has helped me grow on and off the field and achieve my dreams of playing at the next level. GO TROJANS!" Sydney Babineaux, U18/19 Girls Development Academy.

Reese McDermott 2020 Head Shot
Reese McDermott
U18/19 Girls Development Academy
Colorado School of Mines, NCAA Div. II
Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference
Colorado School of Mines 2019
Reese McDermott 2020 Action Shot
"I'm so excited to be going to Colorado School of Mines! I know it's the perfect school for me; I love the coaches and players there. My journey at Dash hasn't been very long, only a few months, but I have loved it. It has a much different atmosphere from any club I've ever been in. The coaches care about each of the players and their development and the girls are so nice. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else for my senior year." Reese McDermot, U18/19 Girls Development Academy.

Arely Alaniz Head Shot 2020
Arely April Alaniz, Development Player League 01/02
Lamar University, NCAA Div. I
Southland Conference
Lamar University Logo 2019
Arely Alaniz Action Shot 2020
"I would like to thank my family and coaches for helping me achieve my dream of playing college soccer. I am extremely blessed to be apart of the DDY program, which has helped me grow on and off the field. I am super excited to attend Lamar University to continue my soccer and academic career. Go Cardinals!" Aerly Alaniz, Development Player League 01/02.

Krysti Dockens 2020 Head Shot
Hannah Dockens, Dash Beaumont 01/02 PA
Lamar University, NCAA Div. I
Southland Conference
Lamar University Logo 2019
Krysti Dockens 2020 Action Shot
"I'm so excited to be continuing my soccer career at Lamar University. It's been exciting to watch their women's soccer team develop into Southland Conference Champions and advance to the NCAA tournament twice under the leadership of Steve Holeman within the past three years. I look forward to be a part of the team and having him as a coach. I'd like to thank my family, coaches, and friends for being so supportive and helping me through my recruiting process. It's been an honor playing under such a diverse coaching staff. I'd like to especially thank Coach Lee and Beth Turley, Coach Mikey O., Coach Rico, and my DA Coach, Randy Evans, for investing in my soccer career. They have each taught me something different that I will continue to carry forward into my collegiate experience." Hannah Dockens, Dash Beaumont 01/02 PA 

Benny Zapalac 2020 Head Shot
Benjamin Zapalac, Dynamo Youth South 01/02 PA
Trinity University, NCAA Div. III
Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
Trinity Logo 2019
Benny Zapalac 2020 Action Shot
"I am very proud and excited to announce that I will be furthering my soccer career and education at Trinity University! I cannot wait to join the Trinity University family as a student and as an athlete. I want to thank my amazing parents for pushing me and driving me long distances to games and practices for most of my life. I also want to thank the Dynamo coaches who have helped guide me with encouragement and direction on and off the field. Go Tigers!" Benjamin Zapalac, Dynamo Youth South 01/02 PA.

CFF Verticial Logo
"The club's coaching staff will continue to work with our players from this year's 2020 graduating class to guide them through the decision making process that presents them with an opportunity to play college soccer in the fall of 2020.  Every player is unique with individual expectations and goals.  It's very important that the decision made is the correct one that will provide the best foundation for success both academically and athletically.  It's the club's responsibility to help guide them through the final stages of this process."  Simon Boddison, Director of Soccer Operations / College Center.


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