College Center March Seminars 2021

Posted on February 10, 2021 BY Simon Boddison

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The club's College Center is offering five seminars in the month of March on very important topics presented by College Fit Finder.  Players can pick and chose which topics to register for.  


  • How to Compare & Appeal College Award LettersWith Partner Solutions for Tuition and special guest TuitionFit
  • Debunking Athletic Scholarships and the Importance of Academic OnesWith Partner Virtual College Counselors
  • Prepping for a Showcase, and the Future of Standardized Testing, Post-CovidWith Partner Virtual College Counselors
  • Starting Your Academic SearchWith Partner Educational Pathfinder

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A. How to Compare and Appeal College Award Letters:

With our Partner Solutions for Tuition and special guest TuitionFit
When: Wednesday, March 3, 6-7pm PST
Description It's not the right college if it's not the right price. Yet, families aren't likely to get the best price unless they negotiate. But, you can't negotiate if you don't have information and leverage. TuitionFit is the only way to see comparison pricing FOR FREE. 

Share information through a secure portal Compare real-time current year offers made to similar students Use this information to negotiate from a stronger position. Collectively flip the power dynamic in college admissions.  

What to say in your appeal letter. What not to say in your appeal letter.

Registration Link: HERE

B. Debunking Athletic Scholarships and the Importance of Academic Scholarships: Who, What, Where, When, Why:

With our Partner Virtual College Counselors
When: Thursday, March 4, 4:30pm PST
DescriptionCollege is expensive. Across the globe, the cost of education is rising dramatically, and many families are being left behind. Now more than ever, a student and family's educational opportunities are defined by the financial aid they receive from colleges and universities. However, many families are overwhelmed by the purposefully convoluted process surrounding scholarships, grants, and student loans. 

Join us as we tackle the importance of academic and extracurricular scholarships: who should apply, what are these scholarships, where are they, when should you apply, and why are they so important in the long-term success of a student and family.

Registration Link: HERE

C. Prepping for A Showcase and The Future of Standardized Testing Post-Covid:

With our Partner Virtual College Counselors
When: Monday, March 15, 4:30pm PST
DescriptionFor decades, standardized testing (e.g. ACT & SAT) has been a crucial determining factor in admission offices admitting or denying students. Recently, the legacy of standardized testing has seen radical changes and the effects are causing ripples in the higher education world. More colleges and universities are going test-optional or test-blind with their admission processes. Earlier this year, the College Board even canceled the SAT subject tests and the optional essay portion. What will the role of testing be in a post-COVID higher education landscape, should you take the test, will this affect scholarships, and could we be seeing the final death throes of the standardized testing industry? Join us as we tackle all testing topics.

What you need to know before going to a showcase?  How to get seen?  What to say?  When to reach out?  Coaches have their schedules set before they show up to the fields.  Make sure you're on their list!

Registration Link: HERE

D. Starting Your Academic Search

With our Partner: Educational Pathfinder
When: Thursday, March 18, 6:00pm PST -OR- Wednesday March 24, 6:00pm PST
DescriptionImportant questions to ask yourself and others (before you get too far and realize you're on the wrong track).

Course, community service, and activities planning, academic resumés.
Where to find information on schools. (College Fit Finder of course! But also social media, college fairs, IECs, etc.) Insider info to aid in your searches. (Odds and ends like demonstrated interest, how schools portray themselves online, importance of reading your emails and information you may miss if you don't, etc.)

Registration Link March 18: HERE

Registration Link March 24: HERE

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