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Posted on May 07, 2018 BY Simon Boddison

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Q.  What is the Frontier Development League?
A.  The Frontier Development League is made up of United States Development Academy clubs from TX & OK.  

Q.  Where will the FDL players come from?
A.  The objective is to assemble the best players within the city of Houston that are not currently participating in the Development Academy.

Q.  What age groups will participate?
A.  Girls:  U13-U19 (2006-2000 birth years)

Q.  Will FDL players be able to play High School Soccer?
A.  YES. FDL players are allowed to participate in all school sports (including soccer)

Q.  What are the program goals?
A.  Offer playing opportunities and an elite practice environment
A.  Prepare players that have DA and college scholarship aspirations
A.  To practice alongside the DA Program on a consistent basis

Q.  How many times will FDL teams practice?
A.  Three (3) times per week.  Extra sessions with the DA, older FDL and boys' DA teams will be offered.

Q.  How many players will be on FDL rosters?
A.  18-20 players.

Q.  Are the FDL teams already formed?
A.  No. Over the next few weeks placement considerations will be given to all those that have an interest in the program. Players seeking an evaluation can be current members of HDDY or from any club in the City of Houston.

Q.  When can players be evaluated?
A.  Now. Please contact Darron Rush, Director of Coaching at and an evaluation can be scheduled.

Q.  Will there be official tryouts for the FDL teams?
A.  Yes. Players interested should attend their respective age groups and times listed on the main tryout page.
Click Here For Tryout Information

Q.  Who will coach within the program?
A.  Darron Rush - Director of Coaching
A.  Ristic Radojica, Gene Van Ness, Dave DeVerteuil - coaching staff. 

Q.  What will the FDL program cost?
A.  $2,165 for club and league fees.
A.  Specific travel expenses will be announced after the full schedule is finalized. 

Q.  Where will FDL teams practice?
A.  1 session north (Bear Branch, Gosling or Lents)
A.  1 session south (Dave Finkel Fields, Houston Sports Park or Presbyterian School of Houston.)
A.  1 session in their own market place.  The market place plan is to have the DA and FDL players train together.  

Q.  How many games will the FDL teams play?
A.  Details of the exact schedule are still TBD.  Players can expect approximately 16-18 games (fall / spring) and age appropriate showcase events. 

Q.  What are the substitution rules for the FDL teams?
A.  All rostered players will be allowed to play with one (1) re-entry per half.

Q.  Will the FDL teams have a college showcase schedule?
A.  Yes, pertaining to the appropriate age group. Events will be selected to maximize exposure in conjunction with other FDL teams, league and high school commitments.

Q.  What events will they be attending?
A.  Teams will attend a combination of events from the list below that is age appropriate:

FDL Event:
Silverlakes College Showcase
 (November '18), 
Las Vegas Players Choice College Showcase (March '19)     
Adidas Cup (June '19)

FDL Frontier Event:
Lonestar Girls College Showcase (February '19)

FC Dallas College Showcase (March '19)

Girls International Tournament (March/April '19)


Further questions, please contact Darron Rush, Director of Coaching at or call (281) 298-1971. 

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