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Posted on November 29, 2018 BY Simon Boddison

The club continues to support it's high school aged players by offering multiple showcase events to attend within Texas over the month of November to support the college recruiting process.  The following teams showcased their talents during the Thanksgiving break at the Lonestar Soccer Club College Showcase (Austin, TX) and the Texas Cup (Sting Soccer Club, Dallas.)

Lonestar SC Boys Showcase

03B Orange - College Showcase  Austin 2018[1]
Pictured Above - Dynamo Woodlands 03 Orange:  Allan Corona, Andrew Magana, Ashton Figaro, Brandon McGaha, Connor Harper, Evan Byall, Keaton Shepard, Miguel Portillo, Patrick Gallagher, Rudy Lugo, Stephen Dornic, Ulises Quintanilla.
vs. Liverpool FC - CTX 04B  2-0 (Lost)
vs. Rise 03B Elite SW  2-1 (Lost)
vs. SA City 03B White East 3-0 (Lost)
"It is always an honor for our club to attend the Annual College Showcase in Austin. We are proud to represent Houston Dynamo | Dash Youth Soccer Club and to continue competing against some of the best teams in Texas. Our players showed great discipline, played some really good soccer and the team showed a huge commitment throughout the tournament. Coach Bogdan Onut, Head Coach Dynamo Woodlands 03 Orange.


Pictured Above - Dynamo Woodlands 00/01 Orange: Alfonso Calderon, Daniel Lagunes, Evan Hanson, Gabriel Villatoro, Hunter Ford, Ivan Palacios, Jahir Diaz, Joseph Guerra, Lazaro Yanez, Marcus Lupio, Quintus Ford, Roberto Sanchez, Samuel Cucalon, Omar Majano, Hunter McLindsay, Mark Valenzuela, Nathan Davis, Mark Massie, Tyler Harvey, Alejandro Lopez, Casper Rosseneu, Jonathon Flores, Zachary Moreno.

vs. SG1 02 B Black (Lost 4-0)
vs. Lonestar Boys 00 Red (Lost 5-2)
vs. SA United 00 Boys Black (Lost 4-0)

"The tournament has been a great experience so far, I had a lot of fun playing with my teammates. It is a great opportunity to showcase what I have, it is a little overwhelming but once I step on the field it's time to show what I can do, hopefully impress the coaches."  Alejandro Lopez, Dynamo Woodlands 00/01.

"The tournament was well organized, it is a impressive opportunity for our Dynamo players to showcase themselves in front of the college scouts. If players can do this at multiple showcases throughout their Dynamo club career, it will be most beneficial."  Coach Juan Sosa, Head Team Coach, Dynamo Woodlands Orange II.

Dynamo KW 02 Orange Pic

Pictured Above - Dynamo Kingwood 00 Orange: Peyton Adkins, Justus Crow, Marcus Cruz, Josiah Duenas, Kris Fernandez, Noah Foulkes, Robert Henry, Jose Hernandez, Chandler Lanier, David Lopez, Hunter Spruill, Garrett Sutton, Robert Vara, Jake Wilson, Johan Yeager.

vs. Lonestar 02B Black (Lost 3-2)
vs. Texas United 02B Real Jrs (Won 2-1)
vs. FC Dallas 02B Red (Tied 0-0)

“Going into the showcase, I didn’t expect my team to bond all that much, but to my surprise, my team mates and I are closer than we have ever been. The organization of the showcase was very professional. We were given itineraries by our coach that listed everything we needed to do, including when and what we should be eating at every meal. This kept my team mates in the best state to play our best on the field.” Noah Foulkes, Dynamo Kingwood 00 Orange.

“It was great to take the team to participate in a fantastic college showcase in Austin. The players performed well against good competition and had a great experience playing in front of the college coaches.” Jamie Bell, Director of Coaching - Kingwood.

01-00 PA South(1)  

Pictured Above - Houston Dynamo South 01/00 Pre-Academy: Francisco Machuca, Daniel Magallon, Joshua Murphy, William Norsworthy, Edward Rodriguez, Carlos Rodriguez III, Sebastian Sandoval, Mathew William, Omar Alfaro, Austin Brown, Charles Brown, Ethan Choate, Trystan Dobson, Ethan Gamero, Bryce Hoffman, Jose "Freddy" Lomeli.

vs. Cedar Stars Academy 2000 Green (Lost 1-0)
vs. Lonestar 00B Red NTH (Won 1-0)

"I had a great experience at the tournament which provided a good level of competition and lots of college coaches were present.  I have received great feedback from the tournament and had a great time playing at the event."  William Norsworthy, Dynamo South 01/00 Pre-Academy.

 02 PA

Pictured Above - Houston Dynamo South 02 PA: Eduardo Morales, Camden Pomeroy, Reagan Pyle, Raphael Rieth, German Santos, William Schmidt, Ryan Sweeney, Parker Westover, Benjamin Zapalac, Hunter Barry, Christopher Barta, Brady Box, Alex Choate, Mitchell Hermes, Jonathan Hinojosa, Bryant Huerta, Anthony Kamenica.

vs. Dundee Juniors DJCT 02B (Won 3-2)
vs. LoneStar 02B Red (Won 4-0)
vs. SA United 01 Boys Black (Won 3-0)

"It was a welcomed opportunity to further my college soccer aspirations." Benjamin Zapalac, Dynamo South 02 Pre-Academy.

"Both teams represented themselves in a way fitting to the venue.  The boys showed commitment and desire to work hard for each other.  I felt proud and privileged to lead these young men at such a prestigious event for the club."  Benny Kemble, Director of Coaching - Senior Boys.

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TX Cup 2018 Logo

Dash South 00-01 PA Team Photo

Pictured Above - Dash South 00/01 Pre-Academy: Sydney Ben, Yosi Bouslog, Madison Fielding, Isabella Garza, Avery Gilbert, Alex Jones, Gabby Paganucci, Addie Jo Pulliam, Niya Robinson, Piper Stewart, Emma Sutherland, Mikayla Wiest & Rachel Bejarano.

vs. High Plains Drifters 01G (Won 1-0)
vs. Sting 01 Royal Larry (Tied 1-1)
vs. Fever United 00G Schott (Won 2-1)

"I am very proud of the girls.  They played very well at this prestigious showcase, against good competition in very windy conditions and in front of a lot of college coaches. Overall, it was a great weekend of soccer, team building and college coach exposure for the girls."  Coach Jason DeVore (JD), Head Coach Dash South 00/01 PA.

Dash West-Woodlands 03 Orange

Pictured Above - Dash West / Woodlands 03 Orange:  Bailey Crouch, Oilivia Cullen, Ellison Mikeska, Abigail Moreno, Haven Nail, Faith Norton, Elizabeth Witney, Cora Morgenroth, Jenna Bodron, Jada Clark-Brown, Sarah Lummus, Sarah Mann, Katherine Sparks, Allison Turner.

vs. D’Feeters Kicks 03 G (Lost 4-2)
vs. Sting 03 (Tied 1-1)
vs. Sting 03 Sanchez (Won 3-0)

“Playing in the Texas Cup Showcase was a very good experience. The showcase was a good opportunity to show off my skills and physical abilities. Being paired against higher level teams is a plus, as I like to measure myself against them. I noticed a lot of college coaches around the fields and was enthusiastic to see such diversity.” Haven Nail, Dash West 03 Orange.

“I really enjoyed the tournament and was so fun to get on the field and show what I can do. It was a great experience for me and I learned so much from it. It was also a great opportunity to bond with the team and meet new people.” Allison Turner Woodlands 03 PA.

“It was a great experience for the girls that attended the event. A very good organized showcase with many college coaches present during all three days of the event. Our girls had a fantastic opportunity to showcase their abilities over the Thanksgiving weekend.”  Radojica Ristic, Director of Coaching - West.

Woodlands Dash 0001 PA

Pictured Above - Dash Woodlands 00/01 Pre-Academy: Anna Bourbonnais, Isabella Salazar, Allison McCrady, Courtney Bokanyi, Hailey Rouse, Andrea Ordman, Brooke Beam, Madison Harper, Megan Fralix, Hailey Villareal, Morganne Woodard, Shelsea Villatoro, Leah Hoyt, Mary Sarofaliyeng.

vs. Dallas Texans 01G (Lost 3-0)
vs. SPARTA FC 00G (Tied 1-1)
vs. Dallas Texans 00 Red (Lost 3-1)

"A great weekend for college exposure for our female players. The girls represented the club in a positive manner and got a lot of interest from college coaches from across the country." Benn Fernie, Director of Coaching - Senior Girls. 

Dash Woodlands 02 PA 

Pictured Above - Dash Woodlands 02 Pre-Academy: Courtney Sims, Grace Chapman, Kendall Cagney, Meghan Cloninger, Rebecca Barrows, Tallyn Herle, Lexie Balkema, Kyara Forde, Ashley Jackson, Ana Sofia Vazquez, Graceanne Britten, Grace Harris.     

vs. Classics Elite SA (Won 2-1)
vs. Sting 02 Royal  (Tied 1-1)
vs. Sting 02 Sanchez (Lost 4-1)

"A fantastic weekend of college exposure for this team. They played in three very competitive games and represented the club well throughout the event."  Benn Fernie, Director of Coaching - Senior Girls.

Dash KW 00 Black Pic

Pictured Above - Dash Kingwood 00 Black: Raylie Smith, Addie Wood, Daniela Wisniewski, Michelle Wisniewski, Taylor Shelby, Adria Weeks, Giana Johnson, Emily Georgy, Mia Lila, Arely Zuniga, Denise Gomez, Brisa Ibarra, Jocelyn Gonzalez, Kylie Wilson.

vs. Americas FC 01G (Won 3-2)
vs. Liverpool 01G Dalglish (Won 9-0)
vs. Dallas Sting 01G Wilson (Won 6-1)

“The showcase was a great experience for myself to grow as a player and to connect to my team mates.”  Jocelyn Gonzalez, Dash Kingwood 00 Black.

“The Texas Cup Showcase offered a blend of players, colleges and field conditions perfect for great soccer and team bonding.” Travis Weeks, Head Team Coach, Dash Kingwood 00 Black.

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